Our Story

After the 2016 Election, I, and many other Americans, felt the gravity of our future fall on our shoulders. This nation, one that stands in the world as a beacon of leadership and justice, has been handed to Donald J. Trump, a known misogynist, sexist, and racist. We have entered a situation that has given birth to a grassroots movement for justice, equality, and the tenets the United States has striven to reach since its inception.  That's why we're here.

Who we are

We're a bunch of kids with degrees in English and enough time to help a revolution. 

Our Mission

To use writing, language, thinking, and speaking to denounce any injustice to the people. We collectively work to ensure that those who can speak can do so and those who cannot are not left unspoken for. Equality, liberty, and life in a society that respects the content of our character and our inalienable rights is what we ultimately try to grasp using communication with the government and political awareness.

The plan

In U.S. history, change has occurred when the people reach out to like-minded members of the government. It has become increasingly apparent that growing distrust in the government is pushing people to march, to protest, to react. This reaction, as beautiful and inspiring as it is, must be fortified by the thoughts of the people. 

We have created custom templates for letters that you can fill in and physically mail to representatives. The aim of this experiment is to create a current of voices that go from you to them. We, as a people united, must not allow our voices to go unnoticed. With your support, we can encourage people across the country to become more politically engaged, while creating a dialogue between the people and those in power.