In writing a letter, or many letters, you are not only channeling your anger toward the establishment, but proliferating the need for compassion and change in our legal system. The government must listen to the people and if it won't listen, you must make it listen.



Select a template

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. You're about to channel some emotions.

Think about how the election affected you. Think about what you stand to lose, what your friends stand to lose, what strangers stand to lose. Whether it's immigration, climate change, racism, gender, or human rights, tell your side of the story. Tell your story.

Fill the template out with your story and customize the letter however you want. They're meant to guide you. 

Choose a government official (click here if you need help) you feel needs to hear this.

Mail. Repeat.

Spread the Word

Tell your friends and families about this. Spread the word and emphasize everyone's need to stay informed. Now is not the time to be scared about speaking up.

Additionally, take to social media and share a picture of your letter with #FreedomLetters,
whether it's on Instagram or Twitter, in order to spread awareness of the cause
and encourage others to do it, as well.